The preclinical MRI scanners are capable of performing the latest state of the art imaging methods including:

  • Dynamic Contrast Enhanced (DCE) MRI for measuring vascular permeability
  • Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast (DSC) MRI for measuring blood volume, blood flow, and blood vessel caliber.
  • Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) methods for perfusion imaging (both pseudo-continuos and continuous ASL methods)
  • Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) for measuring water Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC)
  • Diffusion Spectroscopic Imaging (DSI) for fiber tracking
  • Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI for measuring tissue pH and protein/metabolite concentrations
  • Bruker IntraGate method for retrospectively gated cardiac CINE imaging
  • Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting (MRF) for quantitative T1, T2 and CEST mapping
  • Dixon based methods for quantitative Fat-Water imaging
  • Multi-echo spin-echo and gradient-echo methods for quantitative T2 and T2* mapping, respectively
  • Inversion Recovery (IR), Saturation Recovery, and Look-Locker methods for quantifying T1 relaxation times